What does the process of working with you look like?

Before I book any service I always want to know what the process looks like and I’m guessing you do too! I’ve written an in-depth post on exactly how it all works and you can read it here.

What will I need to provide?

You’ll need to provide some excellent photos of your business and/or products. We’ll discuss how many in our call and your options if you don’t have any yet. If you have branding in the form of logos, colours and fonts that’s a big help! If not we can develop something that will suit your business. I’ll also talk to you about what you need your website to say and from there I will write your copy paying close attention to key words to boost your SEO.

How much will it cost?

I don’t know about you but I always want to know how much a service costs before I make a call or fill out a form! In case you missed it here on my home page here’s a break down of rough costs. These are starting points and depending on your specific needs we’ll work out an exact quote.

Simple One Page Website. Starting from $1000.

You’re not looking for all the bells and whistles! You’re looking for a one page, beautiful website so that you can appear in searches and list it with Google Maps. You want your customers to know what your business offers, where you’re located and what hours you’re open.

A Website with a Little More Oomph. Starting from $2000.

We’re talking a few separate pages, maybe a blog or even a chance to sign customers up to a mail list. This is the digital face of your business and you want it looking it’s best!

All the bells and whistles, and maybe a little glitter too! Starting from $3000.

You want it all! Multiple pages, a blog, a shop, a newsletter signup maybe a space for customers to book appointments with you. You’re looking for full functionality and a website so beautiful your customers will swoon! This is your digital home and a place where most of your business is conducted.

Where are you based?

I’m based in the North Brisbane suburb of Brighton. I love working with local Brisbane businesses as it gives us a chance to have your final lesson face-to-face (Don’t know about the whole lesson thing? Maybe check out my process post.). But don’t stress if you’re not based in Brisbane and still want to work with me! With the magic of the internet we can get it all sorted online!

How will we contact each other?

As per my process post you’ll fill out the Contact Cait form and I’ll send you through a more detailed questionnaire to fill out. Then I’ll give you a free consultation over the phone. From there we’ll have a mix of phone calls at set points but the majority will be via email. At the end of the process we’ll have a face to face lesson or we can do this via video chat. Does the idea of talking on the phone give you the heebie jeebies? No problem, we can FaceTime, email, use chat or you can pop into my office and we can chat face to face.