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Cait Newman Design

Creating your digital presence…


Simple websites to get you on the Internet for less.


As a small Brisbane service based business you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing website with clean copy. That’s it! Whether your looking for a simple one page website or a fully customised online shopping experience I have you covered. Check out my pricing options below to see what would work for your specific business needs.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is key to ranking on the first page of a search. I’ll help you get to that first page faster by working out the terms your customers are using to find you. I’ll then use these key words to write quality content for your website and provide you with a copy of your search terms. Learn about additional content creation options here.


You don’t want to be calling a web designer every time you want to make a simple content change such as advertising a sale! In a one hour face-to-face lesson I will teach you how to update key content areas as well as how to manage a blog to further improve your SEO. Read the full process about working with me here.

Websites starting from just $1000.

With more customers using the internet to find small business services in Brisbane than ever before you can’t afford to not be coming up in searches. Most customers will choose a business that appears on the first page of their search. Make sure you’re found by having a beautiful website that ranks on the first page for your search terms.

Contact me today to discuss the unique needs of your Brisbane business.

Whether you’re looking for a simple landing page that shows your customers your location and hours through to options for having a photo gallery, a mailing list or even an online store. I will build you a website that suits your exact needs and teach you how to maintain it. Save yourself the time and energy required to build yourself a website and let me build it for you.


Simple is Best.

You’re not looking for all the bells and whistles! You’re looking for a one page, beautiful website so that you can appear in searches and list it with Google Maps. You want your customers to know what your business offers, where you’re located and what hours you’re open.

Starting from $1000.


A few pages would be great.

We’re talking a few separate pages, maybe a blog or even a chance to sign customers up to a mail list. This is the digital face of your business and you want it looking it’s best!

Starting from $2000.


I’m looking to run an online business.

You want it all! Multiple pages, a blog, a shop, a newsletter signup maybe a space for customers to book appointments with you. You’re looking for full functionality and a website so beautiful your customers will swoon! This is your digital home and a place where most of your business is conducted.

Starting from $3000.